Centinel Manual Traffic Barriers

The Centsys Centinel manual traffic barrier / boom gate is an easy to use operator due to its internal spring which means that unsightly weights to counetrbalance the boom pole are not required.

The Centinel manual traffic barrier / boom is available with 3m, 4.5m and 6m boom pole lengths.

Product Features

Main features

  • Internal spring counterbalance. This innovative system contributes both to the Centinel‘s undeniably attractive slimline look and – most importantly – makes raising and lowering a very nearly automated action.
  • Professional, compact appearance
  • Comfortable operating handle. The actuating handle is designed for comfortable and easy handling of the boom pole.
  • Simple locking system. To secure the pole in the raised or lowered position, simply turn the convenient, easy-to-use thumbwheel.
  • Strong and durable

See downloads for specifications.

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