AES Cellcom Prime

Never miss a caller with a GSM intercom!
Calls your phone/mobile device on roll-over when the visitor presses the call button.
Comes in a wide range of style to suit your application!


Our AES PRO App is designed with the installer in mind and encompasses almost our entire GSM intercom range. 

Are you an installer? If so, our PRO APP would be the ideal choice, as it enables you to store sites and intercoms via the cloud, providing the convenience of logging in from any phone. Share sites/intercoms with others and troubleshoot issues without having to travel to the site!

  • Troubleshoot issues from anywhere in the world.
    Create user accounts and establish app passwords.

  • Program even more features for more complex sites.

  • Plus more.

Product Features
  • FOTA – Upgrade firmware via SMS.

  • 250 – Keyeypad codes & prox cards (permanent and time-restricted).

  • Store up to 4 notification phone numbers to receive an SMS when the relay is triggered etc (can be customised).

  • Trigger, latch and unlatch with SMS replies. 

  • 250 caller ID numbers. 

  • Units with a proximity reader are available.

  • 2 Relays.

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For any advice or enquiries we are only a phone call away. Our company is based on the Gold Coast and we service Australia wide.