Solar Panels & Solar Panel Brackets

Solar Panels and Solar Panel Brackets are used in solar gate automation projects. Solar options are exceptionally useful where there is no electricity near the gate motor. It is most commonly used in rural applications. It is critical that in all circumstances the solar panel receives 100% full sun and is facing a northerly direction.  

Please remember that for suburban gate motor installations, extra low voltage will often be easier, more economical and more reliable than solar installations. 

Queensland Gate Automation offers two styles of solar panel brackets as per the photos provided: 

  1. Aluminium support bar designed to be mounted to a post (post not provided) 
  2. Heavier duty tubular bar on support stand. Can be mounted to a post or wall.  
Product Features
  • Solar powered gate motor systems offer a convenient option where there is no electricity available. As long as the motor battery has sufficient charge the gate will operate normally.
  • For 12V gate motors, Queensland Gate Automation recommends a minimum of a 12V x 40w solar panel together with a 12V 33ah battery.
  • For 24V gate motors, Queensland Gate Automation recommends a 24V x 80W solar panel or 2 x 12V 40W solar panels wired in series to create 24V. These would also require 2 x 12V 33ah batteries.
  • Please refer to the Queensland Gate YouTube video under the Downloads tab for more information on testing solar gate motor systems.

Important: All solar gate motor systems will only work correctly if the solar panel gets 100% full sun

Solar Panel  60W 12V  80W 12V  80W 24V 
Rated Maximum Power  60W  80W  80W 
Open-Circuit Voltage (Voc)  21.6V  24.5V  43.7V 
Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp)  17.7V  21.6V  36.0V 
Dimensions  580x505x30  616x777x38  760x550x25 


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