SMARTGUARD Air Wireless Keypad Access Control

For stand-alone access control at an entrance to a property, or inside a building, CENTSYS offers the SMARTGUARD air wireless keypad which affordably delivers unmatched functionality and reliability.

The SMARTGUARD air wireless keypad can accommodate up to 1000 unique PIN codes with any user-defined length from one to ten digits.

A stainless steel anti/knock shield assists is sold separately and provides further protection to the Centsys SMARTGUARD air.

Product Features

There are 15 separate channels, each able to be paired with any of the CENTSYS rolling code receivers. Such functionality caters for many different scenarios for example:

  • a motorised gate entrance may be opened fully using one code, or
  • activate the pedestrian opening using another, and
  • switching on the house alarm using a third.

User codes can also be selectively deleted without affecting other codes stored in the memory

The keypad also boasts a “downcounter” allowing select codes to have a limited number of uses. This is ideal for granting single occasion access, for example to an armed response company with the code deleting itself after use.

The same memory module used on the SupaNOVA may also be used on the SmartGuard, allowing all the settings and codes to be backed up and restored in seconds.

Main features

  • SMARTGUARDair for wireless, easy installations
  • 1000 unique codes using one to ten digits
  • 15 channel output (activate up to 15 devices)
  • Selectively add and delete user codes
  • Backup memory module to store all information
  • Selective access downcounter for limited access to selected users
  • Fully weatherproof for outdoor or indoor use
  • Backlit keypad for ease of use in low light conditions
  • Optional anti-knock shield for keypad available (brushed 304 stainless steel)
  • Operates on two AA Alkaline batteries, or a separate 12V power supply
  • Up to two years of battery life with up to 200 uses per day
  • Operating range of up to 30m
  • Compatible with all CENTSYS rolling code receivers

See brochure in downloads for specifications.

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