Nylon Covered Steel Gear Rack 1m

1m length of nylon covered steel gear rack for sliding gate motors.

There are 6 fixing points on the 1m length with proper slots and protruding lip to slide securely in to the slot on the next section of rack.

Comes complete with 6 washers and fixing screws. Can be used on domestic as well as industrial gates.

The solid steel inner core is made of 10 mm solid square bar.


Product Features

Main features

  • Available in 1m (1,000mm) lengths or shorter 330mm lengths
  • Each 1m length has 6 mounting tabs and a 10mm x 10mm steel core
  • The most common style has teeth downward facing (so they sit on top of the motor pinion). Alternative styles available have upward facing teeth (so it sits under the motor pinion)
  • Male and female joins have a trapezium shape making for a more secure connection


  • 20mm wide (across flat surface)
  • 40mm wide including mounting tabs
  • 340mm length (point to point)
  • 240mm between mounting tabs
  • trapezium shape join (male and female)
  • 27mm from top of gear rack to lowest point of tooth
  • 20mm from top of gear rack to highest point of tooth
  • 10mm x 10mm square steel bar through the centre

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