G-ULTRA 4G (GSM Switch)

  • The Centsys G-ULTRA is a wireless, mobile-based switching device allowing you to use your phone to operate up to 6 devices.
  • Control your gate from your phone via missed call or smart phone app from anywhere in the world.
  • Know if your gate is open or closed from your smart phone app or use your app to trigger other devices such as lights or your garage door operator.
  • Access for up to 1,500 users (like having 1,500 remotes), but with full logging features and the ability to add, delete or amend users at the click of a button
Product Features

Main features

  • Easily access your gate or other device using your mobile phone via Smart App, Missed Call or Text
  • As 4G units these are available across all networks via micro sim card
  • 12V – 24V DC power required (not AC power)
  • Ability to be used across different devices with 2 x relays and 4 x I/O channels (if going on non-Centsys equipment and more than 2 outputs / trigger required then an additional relay/s will be required)
  • Smart phone app available for iPhone & Android (MyCentsysRemote)
  • Up to 1500 switch numbers (users)
  • 7 day timer functionality (can be changed at any time via the internet)
  • Ability to monitor gate / device status via the inputs
    Users can be assigned into different profile groups with different permissions (eg: managers / clerical / suppliers)
    Bed & Breakfast functionality where users can be pre-loaded but only have access during specific dates & times
    Easy customisation and management via internet (www.g-web.com.au)
  • Internal antenna but has the functionality to add a high gain antenna (additional charge for external antenna)

The Centsys G-Ultra 4G GSM Switch offers a high level of sophistication and versatility while being exceptionally easy to manage. The Centsys G-Ultra 4G allows up to 1500 users to access any device the unit is wired into (or wirelessly transmits to via the Centsys Wizolink) and also receive status updates such as a gate being left open. Detailed functionality and feedback is available via the MyCentsysRemote app while also allowing standard basic features such as a free missed call to trigger an output. 

Using the reliability of 4G the management of authorised users is done via the intuitive and easy to use G-Web interface www.g-web.com.au  

See brochure in Downloads tab


  • The G-Ultra needs to be wired into each operator it controls. So if you wanted the unit to control 2 x garage door motors + 1 x gate motor it would need to be wired into all three OR you could look at using a wireless transceiver (WIZO Link) which we stock
  • The two relays onboard the G-Ultra provide a dry contact. The four IO ports provide a negative 12VDC trigger which is compatible with Centsys equipment. An additional relay would be required if using an IO port to trigger a non-Centsys product
    Please contact Queensland Gate Automation if you need any advice on wiring a G-Ultra

Smart Phone App

  • The MyCentsysRemote smart phone app is available at the Google Play Store (android phones) and the iPhone App Store (Apple phones) 
  • The MyCentsysRemote app is available to anyone however access to your G-Ultra device is controlled and managed by you via the G-Web www.g-web.com.au which should be accessed from a PC computer. 

For any advice or enquiries we are only a phone call away. Our company is based on the Gold Coast and we service Australia wide.