FAAC SLH Remote Controls

The FAAC SLH (Self Learning Hopping code) remotes is known for having features such as longer range and is very difficult to clone. The remotes can be learned from a master remote so can be useful for installers and end users and does not require additional pairing to the receiver once the master has been learned in. The FAAC SLH remotes

Product Features
  • Use frequency 433,92 MHz
  • Type of code: SLH LR technology (FAAC Patent)
  • SLH = SELF LEARNING HOPPING code: the code varies whenever the transmitter is used. An algorithm recognizes and confirms the signal, only that of the transmitters coded by the receiver.
  • Advantages: cloning almost impossible. Possibility of replicating codified transmitters, even remotely from receivers, with the patented SELF LEARNING system (from transmitter to transmitter), simply by pressing the keys in a specific sequence.

LR = LONG RANGE: the transmitters can cover almost DOUBLE the current distance thanks to another electronics FAAC patent; the SLH LONG RANGE transmitter, whenever the control buttons are pushed, detects the surrounding environment in real time (e.g. position of the hand, presence of electrical disturbances, etc.) and automatically reconfigures the electronics, maximising the radiated power at each transmission. Fully compatible with previous SLH.

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FAAC XT2 SLH 2 OR 4 Button / Channel Remotes

  • Genuine FAAC remotes and are a premium gloss black finish

Available in:
• XT2 – 2 Button (FAAC Part: 7870071)
• XT4 – 4 Button  (FAAC Part: 7870081)

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