FAAC RC Remote Controls

The FAAC XT4 Rolling Code (RC) 4 channel remotes are the replacement for the old white remotes. Each remote must be paired to a FAAC receiver (stand alone or plug in) and can not be cloned as the SLH ones can. The FAAC XT4 RC remotes have a red led light when the remote button is pushed.

Product Features


  • These remotes replaced the old White FAAC Rolling Code Remotes (787452)
  • These remotes are not clone-able, ie: the signal cannot be copied from one remote to another
  • Each remote must be paired to the receiver individually
  • XT4 433 RC The XT4 433 RC is a transmitter designed for automatic vehicle and pedestrian entrance applications. 
  • Channels: 4 
  • Frequency: 433.92 MHz 
  • RF power: 10 mW 
  • Power supply: Alkaline battery type 23A 
  • XT4 433 RC Remote Programming Enable learning on the receiver.

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