Centsys Single & Multi Channel Receivers

  • Available in  one, two or four channel configurations
  • Available to suit Centsys nova remotes and Centsys smart remotes
  • Used to trigger other devices such as a garage door motor with your Centsys remotes
Product Features
  • Programmable receiver for remote control access systems
  • Multi-Channel option (two or four channel) allows triggering of more than one device (eg: two garage door motors next two each other)
  • Incorporates code hopping technology to offer ultimate security in a remote control
  • A unique randomly changing code is transmitted with each operation making it impossible to duplicate the system
  • Allows for both “Master” learning (using a master button to place the receiver in learn mode) and “Link” learning (fitting a link to the J1 jumper on the receiver)
  • 433.92Mhz operating frequency
    12V – 24V DC supply voltage required
  • Memory sufficient to hold 250 buttons
  • Easy Normally-open / Normally-closed relay contact options
  • Allows changes to the relay pulse time or a fixed latched time as required

See Manual in Downloads tab.

Wiring Guide

Please contact Queensland Gate Automation if you need advice regarding wiring a receiver into a device. Please provide model type and name that receiver is being wired into
If power (12V – 24V DC) is not easily available from the device the Centsys receiver is being wired into then a separate 12VDC power supply is available from Queensland Gate Automation
As a general rule, Normally-open will be wired into the trigger contact point on the device being triggered (such as a garage door operator) and COM will be wired into COM

Button Selection

Any button from a Centsys remote can be used to be programmed into a multi channel receiver (eg: button 1 can be used for a gate and button 2 can be used for a garage door operator with multi channel receiver attached)


Available for Centsys NOVA Remotes (blue buttons and multi-coloured buttons)
Available for Centsys SMART Remotes (green buttons only)

For any advice or enquiries we are only a phone call away. Our company is based on the Gold Coast and we service Australia wide.