Centsys Sector II

The Centsys Sector Boom / Traffic Barrier is an easy to install operator. Using an intelligent control board that is very similar to the Centsys D5 Evo set up is a breeze. All units are supplied with a 12v battery ensuring continued operation when mains power fails.

Available with three pole and spring sizes: 3m | 4.5m | 6m

Heavy duty operator in a 430 stainless steel casing and epoxy yellow coating and striking red lid.

If 240VAC power is not available at the operator these units can be supplied as low voltage (allowing 15VAC to be run from up to 100m away) or solar units.


Product Features
  • Battery backup
    • Even when power is off, the Sector Traffic Barrier will continue to function up to 3000 times during a 24 hour power failure before it needs a recharge
    • Built in mains failure detection can be set to keep the barrier raised under power failure conditions
  • High volume capability
  • Rapid boom pole raise
    • Raises a 3 meter pole in under 1.2 seconds and lowering it just as quickly
  • Smooth intelligent speed control
  • Safe sensitivity for boom pole lowering
    • The Sector will detect any obstruction, preventing damage to vehicles
  • High torque boom pole operation
  • Robust, durable and slim-line operator casing
  • LCD user interface for simple set up
    • Including the ability to set the opening and closing speed to your liking
  • Onboard NOVA rolling code (KeeloqTM encryption)  multichannel receiver with selective delete
  • Integrated ChronoGuard timer functionality
  • Various sizes available
    • Suits entrances between 3 to 6 meters wide.
    • Optional jack-knife can be fitted to suit areas with limited headroom
  • Integrated loop detector support
    • Offers integral support for both closing and free-exit loop detectors
  • Fully sealed plastic housing for controller to prevent ingress of dirt and insects
  • Optional backup memory module allows backing up of all the information that has been set up in the system
  • Full configuration of barrier opening parameters, including independent pole raise and lowering speeds, ramp-up and ramp-down angles

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