Gates are useful and practical for any home with a driveway large enough to accommodate one, offering both convenience and security.

The difference between swinging and sliding gates is often a topic that causes our customers a bit of confusion when making their purchasing decision. Understanding these differences can help you decide which option is best for your particular layout and security needs.

When it comes to recommending the type of gate you should choose, we take your driveway’s space allowance into consideration. Do you have the space to allow the gate to swing inwards or outwards or even fully to one side? We also need to consider how wide the area is – sliding gates are better suited to wider areas. In cases where both options are a possibility, the decision comes down to price and preference.

Swinging gates are usually opened by a remote control or keypad and the gates swing open on their hinges. They need lots of space and are best situated on flat surfaces. An added advantage is that you don’t need to come to a dead stop when entering the gates; you can simply drive slowly as the gates swing open. These are the most popular and widely used gate styles, even though they tend to be more expensive due to the operating mechanisms being required on both sides.

Sliding gates are also opened using a remote control or keypad, however they only slide to one side on a horizontal axis. These style gates are perfect for steep driveways.

In summary, here are the main differences of swinging and sliding gates for easy reference:

1. Swinging gates

  • Can be designed to swing either in or out.
  • Have two inter-connected remote controlled operators fitted to each of the electric gates. This ensures smooth and even opening operation.
  • Have fewer moving parts
  • Are safer than sliding gates in many regards
  •  Typically quieter

2. Sliding gates

  • Very neat and economical of space
  • Have the remote control operator fitted discreetly to one side
  • In the instance that there is not enough room for the sliding gate to retract back in one direction, bi-slider gates are also available.

Once a decision has been made based on layout and preference, it is important to weigh up the cost differences. Remember to include the cost of electronic automation equipment and motion sensors if your gate needs to be automated. You may also require a camera and intercom for complete functionality; that is dependent on the type of system you have.

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