Safety Detection Devices for Gate Automation

i5 Safety Beams

Enhanced security features such as automatic closing, designed to ensure the gates will always close automatically, are not recommended to be activated without the use of safety beams.

i5 infrared beams from CENTSYS are simple to align, extremely reliable and boasts an operating range of up to 40m. It can be used on gates, garage doors, and even for simple perimeter protection.

The i5 compatible with a supply voltages with anything from 12 to 40 volts DC. These versatile safety beams can be used on almost any gate or access automation equipment found in the market.

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P36 Passive Sensitive Edge

CENTSYS has also developed the P36 passive sensitive edge to add additional protection to vehicles and people moving through the gate entrance.

The P36 is a custom extruded rubber buffer that is simply secured to the leading edge of the gate and requires no electrical connection to the gate operator. The P36 minimizes the damage caused by a gate accidentally closing on a vehicle or person by absorbing the energy of the gate at the point of impact, whilst the safe anti-crushing feature of the CENTSYS gate motor activates and either stops the gate or reverses its direction of travel, depending on how its set up.