I5 Safety Beam

Infra Red Photo electric beam 40meter range not affected by sun

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This is a I5 Infrared Safety Beam. It is generally used in conjunction with a gate operator or roller door to prevent the gate / roller door from hitting a vehicle/person/object while closing/opening. It can also be used with an alarm system.

The beams have a 40m range, are unaffected by the sun and are auto aligning. Meaning easy installation. They have a normally open and normally closed relay output for use with many different types of gate/roller door operators.

A 4 core wire for 12 volt DC current must be laid from the sensor on the far side of the gate back to the panel. Likewise a 4 core comms cable should be run from the sensor closest to the motor back to the main motor panel.

Shortlisted Specifications:

  • 40m Range not affected by the suns rays
  • NC/NO Relay output
  • 12-24V AC or DC supply