GATELOX Electric Gate Lock

Add that extra level of security to your entrance!

How secure is your motorised gate, is it a soft target? With the GATELOX Electric Gate Lock fitted you’ll never have to worry about it again!

The GATELOX Electric Gate Lock as been developed for both swing and sliding gates and interfaces seamlessly with the gate motor system, unlocking the moment the gate starts to open and locking securely when it closes again. It incorporates a key-operated barrel lock allowing for convenient manual override.

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Main features

  • Mechanical design featuring solenoid drive
  • Low-peak current drive
  • Ultra-reliable operation
  • Robust, stainless steel construction for all weather and coastal installations
  • Designed for both motorised and manually operated gates
  • Activates by using your existing remote control
  • Unlocks just before the gate is opened and re locks when the gate closes
  • Latching action ensures secure locking of double leaf, or single, swing gate systems
  • High volume capability so it is ideal for both residential and commercial, as either new or retrofit installations
  • Low force lock engagement ensures reliable operation even at the tip of a wide gate
  • Models available for swing gates and sliding gates in both left and right hand configurations
  • 12V DC operation with optional power failure protection
    (typically connect to battery supply of gate motor – 4A draw for maximum five seconds)
  • Instant security as lock automatically engages when gate is closed
  • Convenient manual override incorporating key operated barrel lock
  • Optional mounting box for easy installation onto gate frame