D5 Evo – Domestic & Light Industrial Up to 500kg


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 Main features

  • 24 month warranty
  • Battery backup
  • Potent push force for gates up to 500kg
  • Intelligent speed control
    • The ability to open fast and close at a slower speed if desired
    • 12 speeds to choose from
    • Opens the average 4 meter gate in less than 12 seconds (22 meters per minute)
  • Intelligent open and close control, ensuring that gate stops in the correct position each and every time.Rapid and smooth opening and closing
  • Exceptionally easy system set up via LCD user interface
  • Onboard NOVA (KeeloqTM encryption) multichannel receiver with selective delete
  • Can store up to 250 transmitter buttons
  • Multiple operating features including Alarm Modes (a world first)
  • Integral ChronoGuard timer functionality
    • Offering multi channel time activated and time barring functionality
    • Code certain remotes to only function at certain times
    • Provide timer functionality to auxiliary devices such as security lights, entrance fountain etc.
  • Comes with 2 x 4 button NOVA remote controls
  • Holiday lockout mode
    • Disable remotes, keypads and any electronic devices while you are away from home or business.
  • Adjustable pedestrian opening and auto close from 1 second to 255 seconds
  • Intelligent Safety Features
    • Full configuration of gate opening parameters, including independent gate opening and closing speeds, and the ability to ramp speeds up or down over various distances.
    • Safe and sensitive anti crushing protection with 6 adjustments


D5-Evo – The evolution of the tried and tested D5, 500kg gate operator for domestic and light-industrial applications.

Solar Power Options Available

Low Voltage Option – No Electrician required.

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Additional Information

Power Options

  • The Centsys D5 Evo is a battery driven 12VDC motor. The power options mentioned below make for easy installation.
    • 240VAC at the gate. Ability to be hard wired in or plug into a GPO. All 240VAC connections require a licenced electrician.
    • Low voltage option. This is a convenient option when 240VAC is not available at the gate but is in the vacinity (usually within 30m from the gate). Low voltage options are supplied with a 240VAC – 15VAC weatherproof transformer plug and cable (10m | 30m | 100m) to suit.
    • Solar option. Perfect for rural applications. Solar kits are supplied with a solar panel (minimum 40w) and a larger 12v battery (33ah is recommended) which sits next to the motor in a seperate battery enclosure.