Centsys V-Series SMART

For domestic and industrial swing gate applications – the CENTSYS V-Series SMART linear swing gate system with battery back-up offers a quick and easy (not to mention good looking) installation.
Available in two models:
VANTAGE 400 – for double swing gates up to 6 meters wide or single gates up to 3 meters wide.
VANTAGE 500 – for double swing gates up to 8 meters wide or single gates up to 4 meters wide.
Both the VANTAGE 400 and VANTAGE 500 are available in standard 240V mains, low voltage and solar power models.
Featuring quick and easy commissioning using an intuitive mobile app that makes setup and configuration a breeze for installers.
Control your gate from your phone with the MyCentsys Remote app – the expertly-configured mobile app that seamlessly integrates with all our SMART and ULTRA solutions – now with Apple Carplay and Android Auto integration.

Product Features

Built almost entirely from aircraft grade aluminium the latest model swing gate motors from Centsys are not only strong but are leading-edge in terms of their looks. These motors are designed to deliver unparalleled reliability and durability.

Key Design Features

Aesthetically pleasing modern design;
Custom moulded seals;
A focus on DOSS / Sensor with surface mount LED’s, triple testing during assembly and relocated to the top of the operator to avoid moisture ingress;
Worm shaft is manufactured from 304 Stainless Steel;
The wiring harness has a moulded strain relief which is assembled from the inside of the casting (cannot be pulled out), which provides much greater strain and flex relief;
Common taptite stainless steel screws (M6 x 25mm) making disassemble and maintenance a lot easier;
Modular internal compartments which makes replacing parts a lot easier;
The rear tilt adaptor (mechanical fuse) has been designed out and the unit is rather mounted on the casting which is far stronger;
Drainage slots are designed into the casing top cover in the event that rain does find a way under the casing top cover;
The VANTAGE is virtually a drop-in replacement for VECTOR operators;
Vantage Features

The VANTAGE linear swing gate motor is available in two models with actuation strokes of 400mm and 500mm. The VANTAGE has been designed to automate a wide variety of swing gates, from single light-domestic gates to heavy industrial double swing gates.

The fail-safe and fully redundant Position and Collision Detection System has been designed and tested to set the standard in safety of operation and to provide an unparalleled level of durability and reliability.

Specific 6 Core Vantage Cable to link the slave to the control panel when must be used as a double swing kit.
Exceptionally easy system setup via LCD user interface
Supports inward- and outward-opening gates without needing mechanical end stops
High push force
Full position control
Fast (and adjustable) operating speed, with smooth acceleration and deceleration
Safe anti-crushing protection
Multiple operating features including Intruder-detection Alarm Modes (a world first)
Onboard code-hopping multichannel receiver with selective add and delete
Battery backup for uninterrupted operation during power failures
Fast operating speed, with smooth acceleration and deceleration
CENTSYS VANTAGE 400 – Reliable operator with a shorter stroke for the majority of domestic swing gate applications. For double swing gates up to 6 meters wide or single gates up to 3 meters wide.
CENSTSYS VANTAGE 500 – Extended stroke for larger domestic and industrial swing gate applications. For double swing gates up to 8 meters wide or single gates up to 4 meters wide.

Both the Centsys Vantage 400 and Vantage 500 are available with the option of plugging into 240V mains power at the gate OR running low voltage AC power up to 100m OR solar power models.

Power Supply

Both models are available with either a 240 Volt AC to 12 Volt DC Transformer charger OR a low voltage DIY (no electrician required) 16 Volt AC to 12 Volt DC Transformer charger + a 240 Volt AC to 16 Volt AC Power Supply.

Solar Power

Solar Powered options are also available and can be linked to either 40 Watt, 60 Watt or 80 Watt Solar panels. The Solar power models are supplied with a 9 Amp Hour Battery as standard, but can be upgraded to a 33 Amp Hour Battery with weatherproof housing.

The larger battery will ensure that the gates will be able to open up to 85 to 100 times on battery only before needing to be recharged by the sun.


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