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9 Reasons To Get Electric Gates

We are forever reminded by the news, friends and family about the ever-rising crime rate and how we should increase the security of our homes and become more vigilant. And if security isn’t a priority, maybe comfort and convenience are more of a driving force for you. Nobody enjoys arriving home on a stormy night only to get soaked both opening and then closing their gates.

There are many reasons to get electric gates, here are our top 9:

1. Security

An electric gate is the barrier between your home and uninvited guests, opportunistic burglars, car thieves, vandals and criminals. Because electric gates are powered by motors, it is difficult for intruders to force them open. You can also choose to increase your home security by including video surveillance, intercoms, alarms and the like.

2. Privacy

If the thought of prying eyes and sticky-beak neighbours gets your back up, then solid gates would suit you perfectly. These are usually heavier than other gates, so to save you physical injury, electric gates offer the perfect solution.

3. Comfort

Enjoy opening your gates from the comfort of your car or home with the push of a button. There’s no need to get wet in the rain or cold in winter.

4. Convenience

How often have you gone out and either forgotten to close your gates or worse, couldn’t be bothered to close them because it’s too much effort? You won’t have this problem with electric gates; you can even set them to close automatically.

5. Children

Just as you don’t want intruders to enter your property, you don’t want your children or pets running out into the street either. As mentioned in point 4, electric gates can be set to close automatically and you can rest assured that children and pets will be kept safe within the confines of your premises.

6. Strays

Keep other people’s animals and strays out with electric gates. You spend too much time caring for your garden for some silly animal to dig it up and damage your plants.

7. Value

Add value to your home with an attractively designed set of electric gates. People often think of automated gates as a luxury item and therefore increase the value of your property.

8. Insurance

Having an electric gate means that you are committed to keeping your property secure and insurers will often offer a discount because of enhanced perimeter protection.

9. Affordable

Electric gates are a lot more affordable than they used to be thanks to advances in technology. So now it’s not only the rich and famous that are able to afford automatic gates, you can too.

With all these benefits, it’s not surprising that more and more people are installing electric gates.

So don’t put off securing your home, making your life easier and adding value to your property.

To find out more about gate automation and installation from Queensland Gate Automation – experienced professionals who truly understand quality and security; please feel free to contact our Gold Coast based company on 07 5537 8958 or visit our online store  www.qga.com.au.

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Who else wants quality automated gates?

If you’ve come to the point where you are sick and tired of having to climb out your car to open and close your gates in all sorts of weather conditions, then you’ve probably considered getting automated gates. Not having automated gates is inconvenient and to be honest, you’re more likely to leave the gates open and your property unsecured to help “save time”.

Ah, to be able to open your gates at the push of a button! How that would change your life! Say goodbye to getting soaked during a storm or getting home to realize you forgot to close the gate and the dog has run away AGAIN.

And you know what? The solution is easier than you think. Even better, it is not necessarily going to be a great expense either. Almost any kind of gate, be it swinging, sliding or raising can be automated. Even if your existing gate isn’t automated, we can help you make the relevant adjustments – provided it’s in the right condition and there’s blocking the gate from opening and closing properly.

An electric gate operates by firstly having a motor attached to the gate and then by having a receiver secured in order to receive the signal from the remote control or keypad. This in turn, allows the motor to open the gate smoothly and effortlessly.

You may consider taking on a DIY project to automate your gate, however, we suggest that you leave it up to a professional. We also suggest that you do your homework and find out all you can about the different requirements for installing an automated gate to your property.

Automatic gates will not only secure your property, it will also make your life more convenient. There are different types of automated gates, namely swinging and sliding and you should be aware of the differences before making any decisions. When choosing the kind of gate you’d like, you need to consider that sliding gates need extra space to open. Rule of thumb, you would need an area twice as long as the gate. Furthermore, you would need to ensure that things like leaves and soil won’t obstruct the gate’s path.  You would also want to prevent any damage to vehicles, so it is suggested that the gates open into the premises and not towards the road.

If you have a driveway situated on an incline, it is advised that you opt for a sliding gate rather than a swing gate.

Queensland Gate Automation are happy to help answer any questions you may have relating to automated gates, gate hardware, motors, accessories, remote controls and safety devices.

We also understand that technology is always changing, so it’s important to keep up to date with these changing trends and consider updating your automated gate’s hardware or software. Again, we recommend you seek advice from a professional before going through the expense of upgrading if you don’t need to. Obviously, the higher the quality, the longer it will last.

Please feel free to contact our Gold Coast based company for any advice or enquiry through our website www.qga.com.au or phone 07 5537 8958.

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What is the difference between swinging & sliding gates?

Gates are useful and practical for any home with a driveway large enough to accommodate one, offering both convenience and security.

The difference between swinging and sliding gates is often a topic that causes our customers a bit of confusion when making their purchasing decision. Understanding these differences can help you decide which option is best for your particular layout and security needs.

When it comes to recommending the type of gate you should choose, we take your driveway’s space allowance into consideration. Do you have the space to allow the gate to swing inwards or outwards or even fully to one side? We also need to consider how wide the area is – sliding gates are better suited to wider areas. In cases where both options are a possibility, the decision comes down to price and preference.

Swinging gates are usually opened by a remote control or keypad and the gates swing open on their hinges. They need lots of space and are best situated on flat surfaces. An added advantage is that you don’t need to come to a dead stop when entering the gates; you can simply drive slowly as the gates swing open. These are the most popular and widely used gate styles, even though they tend to be more expensive due to the operating mechanisms being required on both sides.

Sliding gates are also opened using a remote control or keypad, however they only slide to one side on a horizontal axis. These style gates are perfect for steep driveways.

In summary, here are the main differences of swinging and sliding gates for easy reference:

1. Swinging gates

  • Can be designed to swing either in or out.
  • Have two inter-connected remote controlled operators fitted to each of the electric gates. This ensures smooth and even opening operation.
  • Have fewer moving parts
  • Are safer than sliding gates in many regards
  •  Typically quieter

2. Sliding gates

  • Very neat and economical of space
  • Have the remote control operator fitted discreetly to one side
  • In the instance that there is not enough room for the sliding gate to retract back in one direction, bi-slider gates are also available.

Once a decision has been made based on layout and preference, it is important to weigh up the cost differences. Remember to include the cost of electronic automation equipment and motion sensors if your gate needs to be automated. You may also require a camera and intercom for complete functionality; that is dependent on the type of system you have.

Queensland Gate Automation are the leaders in gate automation who offer a wide range of quality gate motors, hardware, ancillaries and accessories. We are highly qualified and our friendly staff strive to assist our customers with all the information they may need for a successful installation. Please feel free to contact our Gold Coast based company for any advice or enquiry through our website www.qga.com.au or phone 07 5537 8958.

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6 Safety Tips for Automatic Gates

Opening the gates to your home has become simple, convenient and reliable. Modern access control is at your fingertips and is as simple as pressing a button on a remote control.

However, safety is still the number one concern with any automated gate system, that’s why we’ve decided to share our top guidelines for safe installation.

 1. Keep the area clear!

This is without a doubt the number one guideline. Too often we hear about accidents involving automated gates and these can be prevented. Firstly, it is imperative to keep your eyes open for any person or thing in the way before operating the gate. Secondly, safety devices should be fitted to the gates. You can select from a variety of safety beams or loop detectors, which detect any obstructions and prevent the gates being operated until the area is clear.

 2. Prevent unauthorized access.

It is important to keep access controls out of reach of curious children to prevent accidents. You should also take care in keeping operating covers locked at all times and the keys stored in a safe location.

3. Be electricity wise

A qualified electrician should always be involved in the installation your gate operator. They will take care in not shorting the battery terminals, earth the electrical equipment and prevent damage to devices. They will also be able to advise you on any additional requirements you may need.

 4. Set your sensitivity settings

While swing gates require a lower setting to compensate for environmental conditions such as wind loading, please remember that the lower the setting, the harder it will be for the gate to stop. Speak to an expert about the best sensitivity setting for your gate.

5. The gate stops here

Endstops are an important part in the safety and functioning of your gate. Most gates are set to stop when encountering an obstruction. If there is no mechanical endstop, the controls won’t be able to identify where the gate should stop and it will continue to run and potentially come off the rail. It is recommended that a robust material such as steel is used to construct this endstop and be fitted to both the opening and closing positions.

6. Keep your gate on track

Similar to endstops, your gate needs guide rollers to keep it on track. Without guide rollers your gate would be very wobbly upon opening and closing and eventually come crashing down. This can cause immense damage to your property and worse injury to any innocent bystanders.

Accidents can be prevented, ensure that the right care is taken in maintaining and testing your gate regularly.

The team at Queensland Gate Automation are well qualified to provide you with the highest quality products and expert advice regarding your gate motor, accessories and safety features. We strive to assist our customers with all the information they may need for a successful installation and ongoing maintenance.

Please visit our online Gate Automation Store or for any advice, just give us a call on 07 5537 8958 (international +61 7 5537 8958).

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5 Tips To Choose An Automatic Gates

Long gone are the days when automatic gates were a luxury item which guarded the entrances of mansions and private estates. With the increase of crime and our ever growing use of technology, homes with automated gates are becoming more popular. Not only are they an effective way of protecting your homes and family, they are practical and convenient.

Installing an automated gate is a major investment and you should be aware of all the various options available before proceeding.

Here are 5 points to help you choose the right automatic gate system:

1.  Power supply needs

The majority of gate systems require a standard domestic power supply in the gate area. This should be installed by a qualified person. This power supply will also need to be used for intercoms and lighting systems related to the gate system.

 2. Sliding or swinging?

The type of entrance you have to your property will determine the type of gate you will need. Driveways that slope upwards toward the house would require a sliding gate. This option takes up less room than swing gates and gives full access to your driveway from all angles. Sliding gates also offer the highest level of security.

 3. Suit your style

The type of gate you decide to install will be determined by your needs and property type. If privacy is a priority, you should consider a gate that is solid. If aesthetics is more important, consider something more decorative, like wrought iron or steel gates or even multi bar timber gates which give a lovely rustic feel.

 4. Operating and Access control systems

It is important to weigh up the type of operating system required. Hydraulic systems are quieter, offer better resistance to wind and generally have a longer life span, however they are more expensive to install. If wind and noise is not a priority, electro mechanical systems are the more economical option to consider.

There are many choices available for access control systems from voice and video intercoms to key operated switches and digital pads. We recommend you check out the options and compare prices before making a decision.

 5. Contingency plans and safety

In the event that there is a power failure or system failure all gates are fitted with emergency manual overrides. Ask your installer on instructions to use this feature.

Safety should never be compromised. The user should always check the entrance is clear before opening or closing the gate, however automatic safety devices can be fitted. Safety beams detect any obstructions like vehicles and people and will not allow gates to be operated until the area is clear. Loop detectors can also be fitted, but these only detect vehicles.  Injury and damage to people and vehicles can be prevented with a properly specified automated gate system and should be tested regularly.

Make sure you find a well established company to install your gates. They should be able to advise you on everything you need to know. Check their references and see if you can view any of their past installations. Local companies also offer superior after sales support and you get to have face to face interaction.

Once installed, remember to maintain your gates!

Contact QGA for more information on automated gates and access control systems.

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