Opening the gates to your home has become simple, convenient and reliable. Modern access control is at your fingertips and is as simple as pressing a button on a remote control.

However, safety is still the number one concern with any automated gate system, that’s why we’ve decided to share our top guidelines for safe installation.

 1. Keep the area clear!

This is without a doubt the number one guideline. Too often we hear about accidents involving automated gates and these can be prevented. Firstly, it is imperative to keep your eyes open for any person or thing in the way before operating the gate. Secondly, safety devices should be fitted to the gates. You can select from a variety of safety beams or loop detectors, which detect any obstructions and prevent the gates being operated until the area is clear.

 2. Prevent unauthorized access.

It is important to keep access controls out of reach of curious children to prevent accidents. You should also take care in keeping operating covers locked at all times and the keys stored in a safe location.

3. Be electricity wise

A qualified electrician should always be involved in the installation your gate operator. They will take care in not shorting the battery terminals, earth the electrical equipment and prevent damage to devices. They will also be able to advise you on any additional requirements you may need.

 4. Set your sensitivity settings

While swing gates require a lower setting to compensate for environmental conditions such as wind loading, please remember that the lower the setting, the harder it will be for the gate to stop. Speak to an expert about the best sensitivity setting for your gate.

5. The gate stops here

Endstops are an important part in the safety and functioning of your gate. Most gates are set to stop when encountering an obstruction. If there is no mechanical endstop, the controls won’t be able to identify where the gate should stop and it will continue to run and potentially come off the rail. It is recommended that a robust material such as steel is used to construct this endstop and be fitted to both the opening and closing positions.

6. Keep your gate on track

Similar to endstops, your gate needs guide rollers to keep it on track. Without guide rollers your gate would be very wobbly upon opening and closing and eventually come crashing down. This can cause immense damage to your property and worse injury to any innocent bystanders.

Accidents can be prevented, ensure that the right care is taken in maintaining and testing your gate regularly.

The team at Queensland Gate Automation are well qualified to provide you with the highest quality products and expert advice regarding your gate motor, accessories and safety features. We strive to assist our customers with all the information they may need for a successful installation and ongoing maintenance.

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